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Week 5-6:  Playtime and Cuddling ....

  Truffle and Willy play tug   Cacao plyaing on the tunnel  

Willy and Mocha drifting off


Mocha chasing a ball

  Toblerone pins Godiva  
  Godiva and Toblerone looking very innocent   Cacao and her ball  
Toblerone and Mocha mix it up on the tunnel Truffe bites Cacao's tail  
  Nap time  
  Mocha and Willy look for their Halloween candy  
  Cacao and Truffle are very suspicious of Toblerone's intentions  
  Mocha and Truffle practicing for Dancing with the Stars   Godiva and the bee  
  Godiva pins Cacao   Boys will be boys!