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Aldebaran Gryla  x  Fox Meadow Jolasveinn

Born:  June 5, 2009

Announcing a Breeding
Delivery Time
Introducing the Litter
Up too late at the Milk Bar
One Week Old Portraits
Candids - First Week
Two Week Old Portraits
Misty Meets the Pups
Candids - 2nd Week
Three Week Old Portrait
Candids - 3rd Week
Four Week Old Portraits
Candids - 4th Week
Nap Time
Family Time
Five Week Old Portraits
Candids - 5th Week
4th of July
Dee & Me
Six Week Old Portraits
We have names !!!
Seven Week Old Portraits
Candids - 7th Week
Family Photos
Harness Testing


Kyssa and Kela


We finally have names --- kiss and hug --- Kyssa & Kela


Misty and the pupstalking about possible names



Up to late at the Milk Bar



The puppies have arrived !!!!

Pups 1 and 2


Gryla's two black tri-color female puppies whelped on June 5th, 2009

Runestone Pups